Introducing InteliPage

Social Distancing & Contact Tracing solution for COVID and Industry 4.0 compliances

Food Supply Chain Traceability

Enabling efficiency across your entire supply chain operations, bringing visibility and collaboration.

Enterprise Asset Intelligence

Maximise Return Per Asset

Safe Workplaces

Making workplace more safe and Secure

Inteliiot’s sole purpose is to deliver agile IoT solution portfolio which includes components & end-to-end solution stack.

IOT Hardware Platform

Easy to use hardware platform based on industry standards

IOT Software Platform

Future ready Software Platform with Open Source technologies

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Market insights

Using Voice of Customer for deciding our solution roadmap

Problem = Point Solution

Design & develop complete solution for “A” problem

The Fabric – stitched for success

Experienced & Mature Leadership

Young, Agile & Innovative Team

IoT Platforms & C.O.T.S.Custom off-the-shelf IoT solutions

Why us


Inteliiot offers complete IOT solution framework for enterprises to benefit from. Flexible design capabilities enable a quick turnaround of any new integrations at the sensor platform level or at software platform. We believe in putting data to work to make our platform and your ecosystem work better for you. Our solution shall cover all the solutions you need.


Customer’s business challenges are driving innovation for us. By providing brain & connectivity capabilities to the best in the industry silicon sense elements, we have designed our hardware platform.


Leveraging the power of open source and cloud, Inteliiot’s IOT software platform and edge applications bridge the gap between standard off the shelf IoT hardware and purpose built products integrate seamlessly into our software platform using standards driven and cross platform approach.

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Custom off the shelf IoT solutions

Understanding the challenges of business today and future, Inteliiot offers a range of ready to use {Konnct} solution. With strength to develop tailored solutions for complex traceability and tracking business challenges using multiple technology stacks, we offer complete traceability and point solutions.

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We Catalyse

Solutions for Traceability, Increased Productivity & Operational Efficiency

Supply Chain Optimization & Traceability

Resource & Asset Optimization

Quality Inspection & Assurance

Machine Learning & Predictive Maintenance

Automated Data Collection & Management


Big Data
Artificial Intelligence
Block Chain
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